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Do you qualify?

  • Are you at least 18?

    By law you must be over 18 to apply for a loan.
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  • Are you a permanant Australian resident?

    To qualify you will need to hold an Australian Citizenship .

  • Do you have a steady income?

    To be a successful applicant, you will need to have a steady regular source of income.

  • Acceptable Proof of Identity?

    To receive final approval, you will need to verify your identity along with verification of any other documentation you provide us.

Bad Credit Finance

Poor Credit History? Perhaps we can help

If you have a poor credit history and are looking to rebuild your credit score, we can give you a hand. YFD is a bad credit car loans specialist, and we understand that a persons circumstances change. Just because you've had a problem in the past doesn't mean you should be prevented from borrowing today